About Me:

  • I am a computer science major mainly interested in information security and hardware engineering.
  • I work as an information security technician
  • I am a computer science major at UC Denver, soon to add electrical engineering into the mix.
  • I program mostly in Python, C and C++, and I enjoy code golfing, ridiculous optimization, and fast-growing functions on the side. I also toy around with functional programming and esoteric languages (Haskell is my personal favorite of all time)
  • I love math, especially category theory, computer science, functional analysis (specifically with respect to extremely fast growing functions and "Googology".
  • My field of interest in respect to information security is mainly hardware-level, including IC design, embedded cryptography, and side channel attacks.
  • I also am a military geek and enjoy military flight sims, specifically DCS World.
  • I am somewhat of an anime fan, I like sci-fi and psychological shows, especially Evangelion, Lain, and Steins;Gate.
  • I also like sci-fi literature, particularly Neal Stephenson, The Culture, and Honorverse.
  • I love classical music, especially violin concertos and piano etudes. I also enjoy traditional Irish folk music, eurobeat, Simon and Garfunkel, hurdy-gurdy music, and a bunch of other weird stuff.

My PC specs
My Github (mostly personal/side projects
My Twitter for all your stream-of-consciousness rambling needs

My Projects:

My projects can almost all be found on my GitHub. If you'd like for me to develop something little for you, shoot me an email at the address on my github.